Friday, September 7, 2012

Must see....Big Moe's Lectric Leopard

Is this the future of the average solar family 10, 20 maybe 30 years from now? Most of you are familiar with Big Moe, one of our forum members over at The DIY Solar Energy Forum. He is best known as the man with the worlds largest collection of Harbor Freight solar panels which now also features the wildly popular DM Solar 145 watt solar panels. You can usually catch a glimpse of his set up as it is more often then not the banner photo across the top of the page at the forum.

Well now Big Moe [the Michael Jordan of the DIY solar community] has taken it to the next level. Buy purchasing a "Lectric Leopord" electric car. These cars were manufactured by the U.S. Electricar Company in Massachusetts on the rolling chassis of a Renault LeCar.

Not only will Big Moe be charging the battery bank in the Lectric Leopard with his massive solar set up but the cars battery bank becomes a alternate battery bank for the whole house in a pinch.

Please feel free to come over to the forum and join the discussion and follow the changes that are coming as Big Moe has already planned a voltage change....

From Moe's post....They orignally were 48v with 16 - 6v batteries. This one has been converted over to a modern controller board and is now 72v with 12 - 6v batteries. I will be switching them to 9 - 8v batteries soon and will used these 16 Trojan T-105's for a second battery bank on my solar array.

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