Friday, June 11, 2010

Do You Really Understand GTI's.....Grid Tie Inverters

With the new inexpensive GTI's [grid tie inverters] that have come on the market, the DIY market is all the rage for them. And with good reason. If you are just getting started making your own energy, the task of managing a battery bank can be pretty overwhelming for some folks. With GTI's anyone [with a little help from their handyman] can mount a couple of panels and be selling power back to their utility company in a couple of hours. So how does this work?

If you are connected to normal Utility company power and just want to add some Free Sun Power electricity to reduce your electric bill and you do not need a totally independent system, it is possible that a Grid Tie power inverter will suit your needs. With a Grid Tie power inverter, whatever electricity that your solar panels produce will reduce the amount supplied by the utility company, in effect lowering your bill.

And, if you are producing more power than you are using, you can actually sell the extra power back to the utility company! For this type of setup a much smaller battery bank can be installed just to cover short term outages from a few minutes to an hour or two. In fact, if you don't have frequent long term power outages and don't need back up power, then you will not need any batteries at all. (But, really, what utility company never fails? :)

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  1. Only issues I found so far is my fan on mine was not working and caused to over heat a few times. And BIGGEST issue is they are NOT UL certified.

    Meaning legally with power company they are not approved. And if something where to happen GOD FORBID IT does. Your ins. may not cover damages

  2. I'm not that familiar with that power inverter. I'll check it out.