Sunday, August 19, 2012

The new electric bill is in.....and it don't look good for "Mr. Big Grid"

Sick of hearing "it takes $20,000 to do any solar on your home?" And what does a $20,000 grid tie system get you if the power goes out? Darkness. When the likes of Solar City or your local solar installer is selling you on a system that should be your first question....what happens when storms knock out our grid power. And while a small do it yourself system is no replacement for your commercial power it will keep your family from being plunged into darkness.

So if you did take up creating your own solar energy as a hobby or a project, could you afford it? Can you save money in the process? Well, check out our forum member Bill K.s recent electric bill [posted below], he is kind enough to post it monthly. Bill has a simple DIY solar system and recently added a small solar water heating unit. Here is the conversation.

Check out his bill and you be the judge. Then come over and become part of the friendliest most helpful Do it yourself solar energy community. But be forewarned don't click here if you don't need another hobby or addiction.

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