Monday, May 31, 2010

Tony of Cooktown, Northern Queensland and his Solar Panel Set Up

Tony is one of the few remaining members of "Auravale" Intentional Community near Cooktown, Northern Queensland. In this clip Tony shows me his solar panel set up in his back yard. These babies power the house for he Fiona and their three kids. They get a lot of sunshine in North Queensland and live completely off the grid. Their fridge is powered by gas bottle and check out my other video to see Tony's wood powered hot water heater. Wood is sourced from on site wood lots.

There is a huge, 30 year old orchard providing gorgeous tropical fruit in summer. Fiona and Tony run a nursery with organic seedlings to generate the little income they need for outside products such as rice, grains, fuel for cars etc. The rest of their food comes from the organic veggie patch. The kids, Orion, Ocean and Sylvian are home schooled and when I was visiting there was a huge phone tower being constructed to make internet/phone schooling easier. Hopefully by now the kids will be watching this! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Tony!

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  1. I love coming to your site, you always have such great videos. Thank You for inspiring us all to make this a better planet.