Thursday, June 3, 2010

Solid State Relay for Solar Charge Controller

Very interesting how "eltunene" from You Tube has been improving the efficiency of his solar energy system, and the relay he uses to control the charge for his system. The system started malfunctioning due to the frequent ons and offs, so he built a solid state relay, which works just fine. No noise, no moving parts, no limited life. It has only two components.

Click here to download the schematic for free!

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  1. It's incredible to think that the power transmitted by the sun in just one hour, is more than the whole world uses in a year.

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  2. I was thinking of a way to power a relay using a small separate panel for my homemade solar powered security/lighting system. I want the motion detectors for the lights to turn off during day light hours. With the power saved I could add more lights with out having to add more batteries. My first thought was how would I keep it from chattering? Yours was the first result when I Google it so I figured I'd leave a comment.