Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sundance 80 Watt Do It Yourself Solar Energy Kit

So you want to get started making your own solar energy, you've got the do it yourself spirit running through your blood. But you don't want to pick and choose those parts one at a time? Well this just might be for you. We found this perfect solar energy kit for those looking to get started in solar electricity with an easy to build do it yourself kit.

Perfect for powering a small cabin system, back up emergency power, boat, or RV. Includes: Sharp 80 Watt Framed Solar Panel with 25 year limited warranty SunSaver6 Charge Controller 55 amp hour AGM sealed battery 300 Watt Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Inverter 12V female lighter socket with cable and fuse 20 ft. solar output cable What amount of power can be produced with this system?

This 80 watt solar panel = 4.63 amps of solar energy per hour of direct sun. 4.63 X 5 hours of direct sun = about 23 amp-hrs per day 23 AH X 7 days/ week = 162 amp-hours per week. 162 X 12V = about 1944 watt-hours of energy in one week. If you have more sun (in summer) then you have more power, if you have less sun (in winter), then you have less power. A few examples of power usage of some devices: Laptop computers: 40-90 watts per hour of use. 19" TV: 95 watts 17" monitor: 120 watts 17" LCD monitor: 40 watts Box fans: up to 100 watts Radio: 20-75 watts

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