Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Off Grid RVing

I think it is pretty safe to say that people already know the answer to this question these days but for some there is just not enough information or inspiration to make it click in their mind that “Hey, this is a possibility!” One of the biggest reasons that I choose to live off grid is because of utility bills. The sun provides so much unused energy 365 days of the year and all that most of the population can do is use it for tanning? The second and I guess you could say this is the driving factor in all of my reasons, I want to save up for property and I cant figure out how to do that with the jobs available to me in this economy.
Living paycheck to paycheck is a trap! It does not have to even enter your mind if you only knew that it was possible when you first moved out of mom and dad’s house.

What is Off Grid
Between all of the publicity that the buzz term “Off Grid” has received on TV and in the news media it paints a picture of a rural property with solar panels on the roof and a wind generator in the back fervently pumping out the watts. Off Grid is more then just solar and wind, it is a hobby and a life style and many other things wrapped up into one term “Off Grid Living”. Now, when I say hobby I use that term because it becomes a pastime. You get into this rhythm of checking the voltage and watching the wind spin the blades of your wind generator while sipping coffee.....Read the entire article.

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  1. Nick has the right idea, only if i would of thought of living off the grid in an RV....
    very inspirational