Friday, July 20, 2012

Midnite Solar Classic and DM Solar 145 watt Panel Testing

Todays video is from our forum member B. Kelly and he is testing 2 DM Solar 145 watt panels today in 93-99 degree heat. They are wired in series to get 24 volts nominal and the battery bank is a simple DC27 marine 12 volt battery. Maximum watts that he caught while checking on it was 210 watts at 93 degrees at 10:25 am and 174-179 watts at 12:05 pm at 98-99 degrees. Not bad for a HOT day.

The charge controller is a Midnite Solar Classic 150 MPPT. The wiring is 15' of 10AWG PV wire to simulate a real wire run.

Keep in mind the controller was out in the heat also so output would be lowered as well as you not supposed to do this. The controller needs to be in doors and are tested at 25'C which is 77'F.. the controller internals were at 53'C (per the meter) which is way above the 40'C derating.

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