Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's going on at the DIY Solar Energy Community Forum

It's cold and miserable outside in much of the country, but that's not keeping the members at the DIY Solar Energy Forum from getting ready for spring time. So what are our 1,100 active members talking about?

Harbor Freight Charge Controller as a PDU? 

Ladyhawk is having trouble with her Harbor Freight charge controller. Can you help?

12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries, Best Price/ Place to Buy? 

Finding a battery is no problem when you have a Walmart, Costco or Sams Club near by. Where do you find a good deep cycle battery?

Solar hot air window heater

No, we don't just talk about solar systems. Featured member Bill K. is always coming up with something new and this week it's solar window heaters. This looks easy and affordable.

Xantrex C35 Diversion Question 

We are surprised this isn't more popular, the Xantrex C series controllers have a feature that diverts the incoming charge to a 12 volt element in a water heater, or anywhere else you want to send it, when your batteries reach full charge. Do you know how to wire this?

Visit the forum and put our search bar to work, chances are you'll find the answer you are looking for at The DIY Solar Energy forum

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