Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boris Gets New Solar Panels

Since Boris the Bus is turning 40 soon (he’s a ‘71 VW bus), we thought it was time to pimp him out with some new gear, like solar panels! Although they don’t create enough power to charge the bus, they create enough energy while we’re on the road to charge lights, fans, iPhones, and iPads, because that’s what camping’s all about. We can go without running water, but go without Facebook and Twitter? I don’t think so.

Mike got Boris’solar panel kit from Harbor Freight. It was on sale for $159 for a set of 3, which is a great price. Mike is demonstrating how heavy the were, they’re mostly made of glass. Each solar panel was labeled “solar panel”. Just in case you forgot what you spent your money on. The specs are labeled on the back. Each solar panel has a maximum output of 15W. The solar cells are attached to the backside of the glass. Each solar panel has a thin aluminum frame.....Read the entire article.

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