Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do you understand the difference? Pure sine wave vs. modified sine wave power inverters

Most inverters convert 12 volt DC power into 120 volt AC power, similar to the power supplied from your home electrical outlets. Pure sine power inverters deliver AC power that is identical to your home (grid/commercial) electrical power in true sine wave form.
Sample Appliances

Compared to the traditional inverters, which output in modified sine wave, AC power in pure sine wave is more similar to commercial power. The electronic appliances run cleaner, cooler, and quieter when running on pure sine power. As a result, pure sine inverters save energy costs and extend the life of appliances.
Pure Sine Wave & Modified Sine Wave

The pure sine inverter also reduces electronic interference, making it a better alternative for operating sensitive audio/video equipment and medical devices. Appliances with dimmers, speed controls, and certain battery chargers may require pure sine power to operate.
Cleaner, cooler, and quieter appliances.

Pure sine inverters are especially designed to increase the efficiency and running time of electronic appliances and motors. Most pure sine wave inverters operate at less than 3–5% of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) on average and 90% efficiency across the line.

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